Aspergers on when comedy no longer becomes about the comedy

Posted: October 23, 2012 in politics, Uncategorized
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“A wise person once said that writing and performing comedy is the easy part the hard part is the off-stage part.”

I completely agree with this sentiment. Every time I get on stage I do well enough. Heck lately I have been making serious progress in my stage performance and have been having the best sets of my career, thus far, but it doesn’t make a difference I still have not been offered any more stage time.  Since being a talented comedian is not enough when it comes to all of the off-stage drama. A person can work their tail off and put in many hours working on their jokes but if this work does not get acknowledged by people who have comedy rooms it is all for naught. That is one big difference between writing a blog and stand-up comedy. I can work as hard as I want on my blog and my fate does not rest in the hands of a few people but getting acknowledgment from anyone is equally valid. Also there is only so much work you can do on your stand-up comedy without a stage to stand-up on. 

   In the battle of off-stage drama I feel I am poorly equipped as I am not the most charismatic person as a result of my Aspergers.

Therefore, this is a frightening trend and I am worried at this point of time.


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