Aspergers on Halloween costumes

Posted: October 25, 2012 in aspergers, entertainment, Uncategorized
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People say that others with Aspergers have no imagination. I don’t know who these people are or why they are talking about other people behind their backs but for the most part it is true in some things I truly have little to no imagination. A good example of this is halloween costumes. The last few years I just wore a funny hat a tall green fluffy hat with a decent brim on it and called that my halloween costume.

 Even my dog’s costume is better.

This year I was completely stuck when it came to what I should dress up for, for halloween. I could do the typical zombie, vampire or cowboy outfits, except for the fact that all of these costumes would take either lots of money or lots of time.

   This year, however, I came up with a costume which is either hilarious or extremely lame. I am going as a man “with binders full of women.” That’s right I am making a halloween costume out of Romney’s ridiculous answer to Sarah Fenton’s great question. Sarah Fenton asked about what Mitt Romney was going to do about women earning 71 cents compared to men earning a dollar for doing the same work. Romney answered with some ridiculous nonsense, the conservative world became mad at Fenton for asking a challenging question and so on. I mean Sarah Fenton should be a national hero instead of being attacked for bringing to light Romney’s ridiculousness. In addition, she should clearly be a democrat at this point and give up on a ridiculous candidate even if her family and her have voted for the Republicans in the past. Just because you made mistakes in the past does not mean you have to continue repeating them.

    To go as a guy with a binder full of women all you need to do is get a binder. On the first page on the inside you have to glue a picture of a woman. The woman can be in a bikini or not this point does not really matter as long as there is a picture.


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