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Everyone loves breasts. Girls love breasts, boys love breasts even little babies love breasts. The breast plays an important role in all of our lives. There is no part of a woman sexier, except for her brain, for the majority of women. Therefore, there is nothing worse than the idea of the breast being affected by cancer. Society has to do all we can to support this worthwhile cause, whether, it is by wearing pink or making donations.

Some people think all the campaigns of women looking sexy are inappropriate but I say, whatever draws attention to this worthwhile cause and gets people to open up their wallets. It is definitely much easier to raise funds for breast cancer than it is for prostate cancer. For the most part the silly Movember charity drive seems like it is more of a joke to me than a serious attempt to raise money. One of the reasons has got to be the fact that there is nothing sexy about the male prostate. It is not exactly the easiest on the eyes compared to breasts. Comparing them is like comparing a lamp shade to the sun. Glitter to the glitter of the stars.

I have personally affected by breast cancer as my neighbour who is a great woman got it and was able to overcome it. Unforunately, I cannot say the same thing for my aunt whose life was cut too short from cancer. As a result of my neighbour’s contracting breast cancer her children started a walk as a fundraiser called Walk For the Cure which has been an immense success. Raising close to a million dollars if not more. I have not looked at the numbers but they were in the paper for raising half a million. There is so many great fundraiser’s I just hope that doctors are able to find a cure for this disease. It It saddens me to think of all the mothers, daughters, aunts and sisters who have been claimed by breast cancer.

There is not much I can do as I am not a business person or a scientist/doctor other than make my donation, wear my pink and make a heartfelt plea to anyone who reads this “save the breasts”

Women remember to check yourselves regularly. Early dectection is worth its weight in gold.