Despite all the rage, I’m just a rat in a maze

Posted: November 14, 2012 in life, Uncategorized

Have you ever felt like a rat in a maze. On the other side of the maze is the pure bliss of fulfilment from being where you are supposed to be. You enter the maze wary at first because  you don’t know the fastest way to the end but you scurry up one route because you see a little daylight and you hope that your path is not blocked by any walls. You keep going that same route for a long time because you think it is the right one and you are practically salvating at that point because the cheese is just that close and is so intoxicating that you can barely think straight only to find that the route is a dead end. Then you scurry back the way you came and try a different route. You are able to progress longer on this route than before and you are licking your lips because you can practically taste the cheese. Only to find out that this route is a dead-end as well.

A mouse would continue going back and forth until it finally gets its cheese but as a human you want to sit your ass down and refuse to budge and cry about how its not fair. The natural state for humans is negativity and we see others around us succeeding and we want to know why we can’t find that easy route to the cheese in our lives. After a life-time of negativity and realizing that failure is not the enemy you are willing to give failure the benefit of the doubt and look for a different route.

I mean the benefit of successfully being able to go down the first road of teaching would have brought really foul cheese. That really musty cheese that only leaves a bitter taste in your mouth because you are determined to see it through and yet every day only brings you more torment than if you had turned back, however, how can you turn back when you feel like finally found the cheese in your life and can celebrate. Who really wants to go back to the beginning and spend another decade going down another route? Nevertheless when the door slammed shut in my face like a good little rat I started again at the beginning. I then went down another road which is librarianship but another wall has been thrown up in my face. Is this a dead route or do I simply have to change my route and slightly navigate this road differently?  Will I have to start at the beginning again and follow a different path?

  1. Patrick says:

    I can definitely relate to feeling this way about life

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