aspergers on logical thinking part 2

Posted: November 24, 2012 in advocacy, aspergers, Uncategorized
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young woman in front of a chalkboard with a lightbulb drawn inside a thought bubble

To continue from my last post about analyzing my thinking logical thinking does not necessarily mean correct thinking. Nor is the logical thinking done by a person with Aspergers’s unbias. A perfect example of this was near the end of my grade 12 year. Since everyone else had girlfriends I, naturally, wanted one as well. Therefore, the girl I decided to go for I had no emotional connection with at all; since, I am not sure if I am capable of forming emotional relationships with people outside of my family. I decided to go for the girl because she was not particularly popular and was not that hard on the eyes. She was definitely not the most attractive girl in her class, but, I was more than okay with that because I figured it gave me a better chance that she would agree to go out with me. I figured, that since she was not that popular or pretty that she would agree to go out with me after all, I was a senior as well as the starting center of my high school’s basketball team.I felt like it was right out of a high school drama movie like “never been kissed before”, where the super cool guy dates the unpopular girl and discovers that there is really more to her than meets the eye. I did not take into account many things such as life is not a movie, in order to gain any prestige from being a starter for the high school sports team a) you have to actually be good, and b) the team has to be good we went 2-8 our final season. Therefore, I was shocked when she did not want to date me.

Also, to further explain the way how my mind works there were two girls with the same first name in that class the girl who I figured I had a chance with since I was “slumming it” and the other girl the one my friend liked was what one, okay me, would define as the “It Girl”. Now what was the sexiest part of this “It Girl’s”  physique, along with her great personality, you may want to know, which clearly made her an “It girl”? She had an amazing chest. Therefore, I nicknamed her Boobs, a real shining example of my emotional sensitivity, huh? Which in order so that no one would figure out who we were talking about with this nickname I then shortened the nickname to Bob and the girl who I liked became Rob. To conclude, the story he eventually got the girl since he was the “It Boy” of our class, since he was a great musician, great athlete and was the only person at our small high school who could dunk a basketball. Me being oblivious to how ridiculous my so-called straight forward logical thinking was I ended up not getting the girl and her making it pretty clear that I had no chance.

Nevertheless, all of the examples of how I think above show that my thinking is what I like to call logical but is not emotionally sensitive and does not often lead to success because I am not receiving  all of the information and am biased but it is very point A to point B direct without worrying about the emotional issues involved.


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