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Unlike many people with Aspergers I have not always been a good reader, but becoming one, has  been one of my greatest successes and for that I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my mom and dad.

My dad was actually taken aside when I was in kindergarten and told that I may never read at grade level. Fortunately, my parents would have none of this. Instead my dad read books to me in bed every single night. Sometimes after a long day he would be so exhausted that he would fall asleep in the bed lying in the bed next to me, because no matter how tired he was, my education always came first. In addition, my mom used to bribe me to read she gave me a dime for every page I read. Soon I was racking in the dough.  However, my parents attempts to turn me into a reader did not stop there. After going to my weekly appointments at the physiotherapist because of my disability my mother would take me for lunch once a week, until, she convinced me that for the same amount of money I could get a book which I could enjoy much longer.

Unlike the other children in my family my parents bought me scholastic books from the book order. I was always so happy with my treasure that I hauled in. For a book is really the worthiest treasure a person can get. It keeps you company when you don’t have many friends and it never lets you down or ostracizes you for being different. You also set the pace and the tone when reading and you don’t need to follow other people’s rules, for example, I often cheat and read the ending before the rest of the book. A person can say “yes, but, with money you can buy lots of books”. To that I reply “okay lets just skip the middle step and you just give me the books in the first place.” I have since become an excellent reader and I have not met my match in my love of literature and I owe it all to my parents.