Aspergers on get out of my way I have those winter time blues

Posted: December 7, 2012 in life
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Grumpy old man  

Every winter like all bears I become less tolerant and more sensitive. If it was up to me I would hibernate the whole winter away because it makes me grumpy. Now, I am not going to use the changing of seasons to dismiss all of my grumpiness as I am naturally a grump. You would be too if you had Aspergers, says my smart-aleck self. Nevertheless, no matter how you slice it, however, I am much more of a grump during the winter time. The lack of sunlight can make me go chemically insane at the slightest provocation and I can be in a perfectly good mood one minute and become a sullen grump the next. I have tried all remedies from sitting in front of a hot light to exercising. Exercising helps but not if you can’t do it because, you are a complete clutz like me and injure yourself without knowing it. This leaves me in a precarious position, where at some points you are glaring and angry with the world and at other points all you can do is look like a kicked puppy. I am much more tolerant in the summer so that is the time to annoy me in case you are wondering. In the winter, I’ll just snap.

Take last night for example, comedy went great, everyone was super nice to me and did really well on stage. I was even happy with my own set. However, when I got home close to midnight for absolutely no reason I just wanted to fight whoever got in my way. It was as if I wanted to fight my pillow because it was too soft and my blanket was to comfortable.


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