Aspergers on labels stick

Posted: December 18, 2012 in advocacy, aspergers, life
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In my previous post, I discussed how I feared that it would be horrible for the Autism Spectrum community that Adam Lanza was believed to have Aspergers, which had not been diagnosed. The truth is it does not matter, whether he has been diagnosed or even it is true or not. Once the media reported on it, it may as well be true. There are more people out there than I like to think who do not get the whole story but will see one newspaper article, or even only get their news indirectly from a friend and never look at an article themselves. Many people will be happy with this resolution that they can simply “other him” and not have to focus on deeper rooted issues such as gun-laws in America.
I mean after all who needs an assault rifle for anything other than putting lots of holes in human bodies. There is alot of money, however, surrounding gun control and will not be easy to place stricter rules on their purchases. Some people even suggest that the crisis would have been better handled if the principal had her own assault rifle. Yeah, more guns, that’s really the answer (Not). In addition, Americans love their independence and freedom and taking away guns apparently would infringe on “their rights”.
Therefore, people will look for an easier solution such as finding flaws in the gunman, Adam Lanza, which will make it easier to make him look like a single psychopath. What they have been able to come up with is the fact that he has Aspergers. It is easy to blame the mentally ill or people with Aspergers because they are a small minority so chances are many people won’t know an individual with it so will it be easier to demonize.
Not many people know much about Aspergers or the Autism Spectrum and as I have mentioned in my previous post, people with Aspergers are known to throw tantrums when they think life has been unfair to them. They also share many characteristics with psychopathic gunmen, such as the fact that they are socially awkward, eccentric and loners. These characteristics will also make it hard for us to speak up for ourselves and would make a successful PR campaign difficult. Nevermind, that we are more stringent rule followers than most other people because we need rules to guide our behavior and tell us how to act in a new situation.
For those people who think I am blowing this out of proportion and am wrong, think about after 9/11. All Arabs were considered terrorists by a large majority of our society. Nevermind, the fact that they had been living among us for a long time and many of them had been model citizens. In the back of many people’s minds when Arab people boarded a plane, security had to be extra cautious. Yes a few Arabs were responsible for 9/11, but only a tiny portion. Nevertheless, many Arab people suffered because of this. In addition, they had many things going for themselves the Asperger community does not have. The Arab community is larger, more organized and wealthier. In addition, they did not have the social awkwardness that challenges people on the Autistic Spectrum when they try to speak up for themselves.


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