Aspergers on my new years resolution

Posted: January 2, 2013 in aspergers, life
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Let me start off with saying this is highly unusual for me to come up with a new years resolution since, I don’t really expect myself to keep it.
My new years resolution is to not rely on other people as much. I have the bad habit on relying on other people, since as a result of Aspergers I have more limitations than other people do, or equally horrible I believe that I have more limitations than I do and don’t challenge myself. As a result, I am always setting myself to be let down or stood up. As a result, I have often sat at home on a Friday or Saturday night instead of going out. Doing something that makes me happy and not worrying about who wants to join me. If they want to join me great, but first off I have to make a commitment to do it myself. I went to the Cannes Best Commercial awards the other day by myself and it was incredible. I didn’t need to worry about finding someone to go with me, worrying about what time they wanted to go and I didn’t need to wait for them. Instead, I decided what I wanted to do and did it. This small act of taking ownership of one’s own life is so empowering. Therefore, I need to make it a goal to not rely on others.
Only by being self-sufficient can a person ever be truly happy. (Especially when a person has as many crumb bums in their lives as I do!)

  1. Life&Ink says:

    “This small act of taking ownership of one’s own life is so empowering.”

    Remember those words. Write them down and stick them on your bathroom mirror if it helps you remember them, because in those words there is deep wisdom!

    Sounds like you have gotten your year off to a great start!


  2. Eric says:

    Great one.

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