Aspergers on cellphones

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I have always had really low-tech cellphones on pay as you go plans. Not having the fanciest options on my cellphone has not really created the biggest disturbance in my life. Call it an Asperger thing but I don’t feel the need to take pictures and share them with everyone every second of my life. I hate self-taken photos and often feel like I am too busy to waste the time reminiscing about the past by myself. I know, I am in the minority about this issue but I am fine with that.
I also often don’t feel the need to have a fancy cellphone that can access the internet because I am around computers most of the time anyways. Seriously, I can wait 30 minutes before checking whether or not someone has emailed me or tagged me on Facebook.

I can make-do with having less exciting games on my cellphone like instead of playing Angry Birds I have been playing Solitaire. Big Whoop, considering how much time I play on it.
The lack of GPS features kind of sucks because I see myself as this big outdoorsy adventure guy and being able to know where I am would be a tremendous help. As well, I am ashamed to admit it but I occasionally get lost and spent a lot of time looking for places. For example, on New Years I was lost and wandering outside for like 20 minutes before I finally found the place I was looking for as I was about to give up.
Another really cool feature that I sometimes wished my cellphone has that I saw my friends smart phone has is that you can ask it questions verbally and it will find the answer for you. Such as, what is the number of Famous Dave’s Restaurant, where is Balmoral street. Also you can tell it to call someone and it will go through your phone book and find their number, which is pretty darn awesome. Yes I wish my cellphone had this feature, but most of my questions would consist of “Cell phone, what is your current location” or “cellphone where are you.” I doubt, if the cellphone would be able to answer that question if it is switched off as mine often is.
Therefore, for right now I am more than happy with my basic low-tech cellphone. I mean it has a flashlight does yours?

Plus there are lots of awesome pros like great battery life and I just found out lower than average radiation levels.

  1. Grndma Chris says:

    The gps feature would be a nice one to have, I wish I did. It’s also cheaper when you just have the basic, besides there are so many apps on some phones that most never even get looked at.

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