my 56 day challenge

Posted: January 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So I have been offered a position in the prestigious Winnipeg comedy festival hosting the show at the library. Last year I did it and it was a blast. In addition, I have been offered an oppertunity to talk to a group of parents in an informal session about myself and doing stand-up comedy. Which is what I have been working towards.
However, lately I have not been feeling really respected in the Winnipeg local comedy community as a performer. Therefore, I do not want to do the library show simply because I work at the library but because I deserve it. Therefore, I have given myself a challenge of working really hard for the next 56 days at writing as much as possible, going to as many local shows to watch other performers and doing as well as possible at open mics in order to get into the weekly showcase at the Cheer or the Loft. If I can’t get into either of these shows in the next 8 weeks at least once, then I feel like I should turn down the comedy festival because I do not deserve to be in it on my own merit and will feel crummy about being in it simply because I work at the library.
I have decided to write this post about my challenge because people who publicly announce their challenges for themselves and where there is some kind of punishment for not following through are more likely to not give-up on their goals after a couple of days or weeks.

  1. madebymeghan says:

    I think a personal challenge is always a good idea, but I disagree with your reasoning about hosting the library show. If you sucked, they certainly wouldn’t have asked you back for the 2nd year.

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