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Where does the power really lie? I mean women keep saying that men have all the power and they have good arguments on their side it is true that men earn more money for doing the exact same job than women do. There are more men in corporate positions and they tend to be the higher-ups. This could easily be argued as a structured form of power, naturally working in men’s favor.
Therefore, if the saying whoever has the gold makes the rules is true than men unfairly have the power.
It is also true that most of the victims of domestic abuse are women. The cases of domestic abuse are not even close and yet women go back to these abusive men, therefore, there is a clear case for women being the victims of society and this supports feminism. That is, however, if these women are attracted to these men simply because they hold a position of power in our society. This second point, is more questionable because some women prefer bad boys and this can get them into these positions where they are with abusive men and thus creates the domestic abuse cycle. This quality is not unique to women as men often also chase after a girl who treats them badly, even if it is not domestic abuse.
If women make the argument that men have all the power because they earn way more per hour than where does all this extra cash go. Are men going to resorts just for men which are of higher quality than the ones women can afford to go? Are men simply working less hours because they can make the same money therefore, end up with the same amount of pay in half the time? As far as I know they are both working equal hours. No, instead the extra money is partly going towards buying girls drinks at the bar. There is unequal pressure on the man to buy all the drinks. In addition, whenever men do anything often one of the first things that come into consideration is whether this will make me more or less attractive to women. Therefore, it is easy to make the argument that women have more relational power.
If society was equal would there be less nights where girls get in for free? I don’t think so.
Therefore, one could argue that men have economic power while women have more social and biological power. If society legislates all the financial power away by giving equal pay will these elements change how we view sexuality? Or will it make society severely unbalanced as women have all the power?

I don’t get it. No don’t bother with subtleties and be straight-forward for a change because I don’t get it. I know you are doing it to try and be tactful because you think that I will be upset or that I will be all defensive. Trust me, I won’t. Instead I will thanking you for telling me the truth. The truth is I have Aspergers, therefore, 99% of your subtleties are lost on me. Sorry it’s true. So instead of having me pester you about when we are going to hangout when you have no intention to do so or it fits simply into the it would be nice if we hung out if the day had 25 hours kind of thing be straight forward. When you say “let’s hangout sometime” I don’t always read they are just being nice. If I lived this way I would be extremely cynical and would have a hard time believing anything someone told me. I already am horrible at accepting compliments because I don’t always trust them.
Every single time I think I am becoming friends with a guy or a girl they say let’s hangout sometime (insert something that sounds more sincere). However, every single time I suggest that we get together they have a ready excuse. I get it you are because, everyone is busy, however, if people were generally interested in being friends with you they would find time in their schedules am I right? I mean this one comedian I have been pestering for weeks to hangout with me because every time he sees me he suggests that we get together. Will it happen most likely not. Or someone will give me their phone number because they were being nice and when I actually use it they sound like they are surprised to hear from me and have a million and one excuses why they are busy henceforth. Having Aspergers means that I desperately want to have friends and romantic relationships just like everyone else, however, it also seems that I lack the skills to make the simplest arrangement of two friends hanging out, except for with another Aspie it seems.

Never judge any of your own work to harshly. This is a life lesson that I have learnt recently. I had lots of fun making a webseries called Library outreach where I went out into the community and interviewed other comedians about things in their lives and always tied it back to the library. In the end I felt like it was a failure. When the library insisted that I remove it from YouTube because it was giving people the wrong idea that I was part of an organized promotional attempt from the library which takes a longer time getting anything done and runs through more of a committee and many many meetings. At the time, however, I was not that upset because the views on the YouTube videos were dismal. A popular video got 100 views and most of those I felt like were from me. Therefore, I was ready to write the show off. Just yesterday something amazing happened, however. A big name Comedian who is well-known and has been on televised comedy shows and gets interviewed by Bill Mader wants to do my show. Turns out he is dating another comedian. A comedian who is from Winnipeg and I am good friends with, a one Aisha Alfa; who had previously moved to Toronto less than 4 months ago to further her career. When Aisha told him about the show he became interested in being in it when he passes through Winnipeg for the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, in which he is participating in the biggest shows of the festival. When I informed him the show was cancelled he got upset and me realizing how big of an opportunity that I am missing have decided to create a new interview web series called “It’s a Work In Progress.”