Food industry boo hoo

Posted: April 10, 2013 in politics
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There has been alot of complaints lately by people in the food industry of bad patrons, I say get over it. There is no industry or business where the patrons are ever very good but only the food industry feels like they have the right to complain. I cannot personally complain about my customers, not because I have perfect patrons or because I choose to take the high road but because as a government employee I have an employer who actually cares what I publish. Nevertheless, do you think every teacher only has perfect saints for students or its great being a gas station employee when its minus 50 celsius? Now those are the people who should be getting our tips in society. Or what about the taxi driver who has to work 10-4am for one thing there is no restaurant that stays open that late, have a greater chance of being attacked and have to deal with lousy customers as well but I don’t see them starting a large twitter movement about it.

Furthermore, for the hours that you get one patron who does not leave a tip you will get twenty more who will so stop focusing on the negative. If you go long periods of time without getting a tip maybe you should check what kind of service you are providing. A bunch of waiters who I know clear 50 dollars on top of their salary. In addition, I have known people who have graduated from a program and have instead stuck with their waiting job or have quit their other job so they can focus on their waiting job. Therefore, one has to assume the money is pretty good. In addition, attractive females make even more money per hour. Not because they are a sexual object but because people respond better to an attractive person they have even done tests with babies proving this. Therefore, a female waitress who is attractive but provides poor service can walk away with 200 dollars. Even more reason to stop complaining.

Never mind, all of the flexibility of hours that this industry provides.

Conclusion service industry stop whining.


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