Where do I fit on the spectrum

Posted: April 24, 2013 in advocacy, aspergers, life
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Everyone remember the bell-curve from high school and university?? Good. Just in case I have included one below.


Any spectrum is sort of like a bell curve where there is always someone who is better or worse than you are, however, when that spectrum is invisible there is questions of where do fit into it? I always thought I was on the higher end of the spectrum, however; the diagnosis of people being Autistic is much more frequent these days with one in 54 males having it. Therefore, many people who would have been on the border of not being autistic and would not have been considered in the past are now being diagnosed with it. Let’s not discuss whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, because, that is a different debate for a different time. What is relevant, however; is that many of these border cases will be more socially able/gifted than I am. They will have had a rich dating life and will eventually get married and no one would be able to tell the difference between their lives and anyone else’s. I have met several people with Autism but not nearly enough to back up these statistics, therefore, I don’t truly know where I stand anymore. Has the bell curve moved the other direction so that I would be on the lower end of the spectrum? The less independent end? Or has there simply been more people born on the lower end of the spectrum, therefore, my relative place would not have changed so much. I doubt if this latter is the case. I think, instead of the prevalence of most disabilities increasing the only thing that has changed is our ability to recognize and diagnose mild cases. There is also more reasons to come forward or diagnose someone as being on the spectrum since this means that they will receive more funding in the classroom and other areas of their life where they may need extra assistance. In addition, the stigma of being different or having a disability has decreased over the last 10 years than it was before. Do not get me wrong, it is not easy being different as society is not perfect. There are still many ways that life is harder for anyone who is different.

  1. Kyllikki Anne says:

    I wanted to say thank you for giving me a ticket to your show today, and it was free! (even nicer!). I really wanted to see your show and I had a difficult time finding parking and I left my car in a place where I was worried about getting towed, but I still wanted to see your show. I was really disappointed it was sold out. Then you followed me and called me back to give me a ticket. It really made my day! I remembered you mentioning your blog during the show so I thought I’d write to say how much I appreciated it. I chose this blog post, “Where do I fit on the spectrum?” to say you fit into the “really nice people” category! There are a lot of non-autistic people out there who are nowhere near as kind as you are. And, I totally appreciate someone who has Asperger’s and tells the truth way more than people who are considered “normal” and lie. Bravo for having the courage to do a Fringe show and, for getting on the Best of the Fest list too!

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