Sometimes it feels like life gets in the way, but if it’s always happening is it just life

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

The other day I was communicating with this girl on Eharmony and I thought we were beginning to really connect. Out of the blue, however, the communications suddenly ceased.
There are several answers for why this may be. A) I said something wrong. Not likely the answer because we were only going through the guided communications at this point, therefore, it is unlikely A. B) I was being too passive and needed to act more aggressively in order to sweep her off her feet and instead the communications left with a really neutral feeling and she gave up. C) She found another guy and they were hitting it off even more. It is likely, C. Which goes back into the whole when you suggest you get together with a girl and your schedule’s never mesh and she always has a handy excuse why she can’t get together, if two people really wanted to hangout can they really be too busy? At the beginning of the relationship before, you get to know each other you really can’t push the issue. Nevertheless, is it possible that life is always getting in the way? If that is the case, why does this situation only seem to happen to me which suggests that this is really not the case. I don’t know the answer to this situation or if there is even an answer.
While, this post seems more like it is about dating, in actual fact, it is about establishing new friendships.
Just one Aspies account of trying to make sense of the world.


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