moving out.

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

overnight I have become a whole new person. Now I have become a person who lives on his own with a world of responsibility having to have my bed sheet match my duffet, oy gevalt. People are constantly like, it’s your place you can have it, however you like. This is only completely true, however, if you never plan on entertaining guests as I can’t suddenly get junge bed sheets.

Having aspergers I have always had no sense of style but as long as I lived at home it wasn’t something I had to worry about as I had my parents sense of style when it came to couches and things. What if my place turns into one gigantic eye-sore and no one else can bare to stand the sight of it.

As a result, instead of helping you wooh girls, you are making girls feel like they are having an allergic visual reaction and want to puke a little in their mouths. Instead of being impressed with your independence that they are so disgusted with your taste that they feel that they can not trust your taste in anything. I mean he says he is a good cook, but he also thinks a brown couch likes okay with a purple throw pillow. I’m just going to make an excuse to leave instead of eating the dinner he says he spent hours cooking. I mean, if a girl can’t trust your taste in furniture, then they can’t really trust you and if they can’t really trust you, then they can’t really respect you.

Cooking is scary, I mean I know half-a-dozen recipes but unless I am in the process of cooking them if you ask me what I know how to cook my mind goes blank. In addition, I am horrible with fine details, therefore, I am going to go to the grocery store and forget something and only realize, when I am all the way home. Then, who really wants to go all the way back to the grocery store, seriously? Then, I am going to try and cook without it. Since, I cooked it I’ll convince myself that I like it and eventually become so convinced that I’ll try to cook for other people to only have them walk away with food poisoning. As a result, people will not want to come to my place since they will associate it with the last time they came over and got sick. As a result, I will get really lonely but have too much pride to want to move back home. As I will equate it with failure. Therefore, I’ll start talking to my lamps and furniture and everyone will assume I have become mad, which at this point, will in fact be true.

In addition, I am not a very materialistic person never worrying about having the fanciest of wash clothes but that was because when I lived at home I didn’t need to worry about that stuff as it was just there. It is going to suck the first time I reach down for a washcloth to find out that it’s in the laundry or I accidentally forgot it, in another part of the house. Things wander. Then you are left to wonder where you left them which is the recipe for disaster. Also, what if I forget to wash my wash clothes. I mean first you put it off because you think it’s not that dirty, then it slowly starts to smell until you get really really busy and the last thing you have time for is to wash that wash cloth but it is really reaking up the place. A wash cloth that goes unwashed can smell worse than rotten eggs.

Things will get so bad that I will start realizing that it is better to throw the attrocity of a wash cloth out and buy a new one than continue using the one I own. As a result, things will get better for awhile, but eventually the cycle will keep repeating itself.

Nevermind, the issue of getting anywhere on time, or getting there in the first place. I mean, right now I am pretty good at this, but as soon as I move out I will not have the same backup-systems in place. This can lead in many dire outcomes from the loss of stage-time, friends and even my job. I mean I’ll run into problems simpy becaue I can. On the other hand, maybe, I’ll become super self-reliant and be even more punctual and organized since I won’t have anyone to fall back on.

The truth is, however, that I cannot continue living at home as my parents are driving me crazy. All of these bad things can happen if I move out, but it is a guarantee that I will lose my mind if I don’t. In addition, I will remain forever in an infantile state which no one can appreciate and I will be the scourge of society. Excuses like you are trying to be environmental and reduce your footprint by sharing space only go so far.


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