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In the last article I wrote about how people with Aspergers are really, super duper, into nerd culture. There are some things that could be considered nerd culture, however, which people with Aspergers would be unlikely to participate in. The one thing that I am thinking of is costume play. Many people like to dress up as their favourite comic book characters and go to comic book conventions also known as comicon. I love to see other people in costumes some people really look pretty nifty in them, I mean there are some really super cool costumes out there and boy do some girls look sexy as their favourite characters. Nevertheless, you are unlikely to see someone with Aspergers in a costume since we are very sensitive to many materials that other people are not. Therefore, it is not uncommon for Aspies not to want to dress up in suits and prefer wearing sweatpants to jeans. I often wear jeans because that is what society dictates but it is not my preference for comfort. Also different fabrics can bother us as well as the feel of other textures such as a really juicy oranges, among others. Therefore, chances are that you are unlikely to find many Aspies in different kinds of costumes. Which totally makes sense in my personal life because I have never designed and worn that many different costumes for Halloween and one year I went as a Power Ranger, which is more like dressing like a crazy homeless person, since it consisted of me just talking to my watch and saying Zordon come in.