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I met Zach at the King’s head when we were both doing an open mic run by Dan Verville. A bunch of creative Communications students from Red River was there and Zach went on stage and made a few funny jokes about how Aspergers is Autism light. Therefore, with no further ado, here’s this week’s guest writers blog.

As a journalist working at The Selkirk Journal (and sometimes the Interlake Spectator and Stonewall Argus/Teulon Times), I view writing as a way of adapting. Writing is an extension of my mind lying on the autism spectrum; it is a task I use to both define myself and navigate my way through the world.

But I never consign myself to a niche. There’s many things I want to be better at, and I’m constantly honing my craft for design and illustration. In the process, you run the risk of embarrassment (what if what I’m working on is bunk?), but the risk is a necessary one, and you should never retreat in the wake of it.

This is not to say you can be good at everything. But most talents are crafted and learned. It’s only the speed of accomplishing a task that makes you the ‘natural’, as myth would label you. But the best always learn and continue to learn.

Writing is something I’ll always enjoy. But I never want to resort to writing as escapism. Escapism is for what I’d call an ordinary life. Don Draper said “change is neither good nor bad, it simply is.” But I think change is more of how you make it, and for myself, change is something good. It’s good to put down the pen or laptop and take everything in and forget your inner monologue screaming at you to worry. That’s what I’ve learned about the autism spectrum: stop thinking of scenarios and go with the flow – adapt, learn, never settle for one role or one definition.

I’m many things besides a writer and someone lying on the autism spectrum. That fact becomes more apparent as I get older and take on different roles… grow, adapt… never settle.