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Ashley Madison

Posted: September 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Recently many people got stung by hackers releasing the list of users from Adultery website Ashley Madison. I bet their partners aren’t feeling great right now. Truth is fidelity is one of the perks of dating someone on the Autism Spectrum, because like Penguins we mate for life, also because we look great in tuxedos. There is also the fact that we will have had fewer partners than our Neurotypical counterparts. Having Autism means that we don’t form instant connections but having romantic relationships with someone is the end result of lots and lots of work and effort. It is also the result of lots of convincing, and, or, begging. Truthfully we will never have an affair because we don’t have the interest, patience or time to convince a second person to have a romantic relationship with us therefore we are going to do everything humanly possible to make that relationship with the first person great. This, inability to form instant connections, does not bode well if we get divorced late in life but at the same time we are going to be a much better partner than 98% of the other people out there. So now these significant others, of those on the infamous list, have two choices they can try and work things out never really knowing if they can trust their partner ever again or they can get a new partner. I hope you take this article into account the next time you pick your partner in crime. That ultimately, you can choose that charming charismatic prince, who may or may not cheat on you, or you can pick the partner who’s the diamond in the rough who will treat you the queen or king you are.

Adam Schwartz is a stand-up comedian, an Aspie, an Autist, and author of soon to be released book, I have Aspergers so I’m better than you.