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Posted: May 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

My struggles with my dating life have been well-documented in this blog. Nonetheless, I have been extremely passive when it comes to changing anything. Therefore, I have decided to challenge myself to change that. I am going to try joining popular dating websites such as Tinder, Plenty of Fish; find a match maker in the city; as well as take other steps that I am not aware of at this point to find someone who is willing to date me. I am going to try and update this blog with how my journey is going every 2-3 days, therefore, it will not be as finely polished as my Winnipeg Jewish Post articles or my book.

The first day of this challenge I went through my various pictures on Facebook and asked for people’s opinions which ones to post on my Tinder account that I am going to create. I received lots of positive feedback about the pictures that I had selected so I was going to use the ones I had posted on Facebook yesterday. The only problem is that my apple account has seemed to lock me out and not let me add any new apps to my phone. When I tried to join Tinder on a pc computer it took me to a porn site when I logged in which I quickly logged out of realizing that was not what I was looking for. Therefore, I have been foiled by Tinder and will focus on Plenty of Fish right now. Why did I choose to use this website? Mostly because it is free. When I joined eharmony and another paid dating website it did not get me anymore success than I did with the free dating website, therefore, at this point I am going to stick with the free ones and if this is unsuccessful after trying for a few days I will switch to a paid dating website for a month. I am sceptical about my future success on a dating website as these are all about creating great first impressions which is something that people on the Autism spectrum have difficulties with.

Nonetheless, my dating success in general is limited and I have to start somewhere.  I work in a tiny office and only with five people, therefore, asking someone out in the workplace would make my life extremely difficult whether she accepted or not. I also know I have to start somewhere so that is where I am starting. I am also out of school, not that I ever had any success asking any girl from my class out, but still that is one way people meet others. I may take a writing course or two in the spring time.