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There has been alot of complaints lately by people in the food industry of bad patrons, I say get over it. There is no industry or business where the patrons are ever very good but only the food industry feels like they have the right to complain. I cannot personally complain about my customers, not because I have perfect patrons or because I choose to take the high road but because as a government employee I have an employer who actually cares what I publish. Nevertheless, do you think every teacher only has perfect saints for students or its great being a gas station employee when its minus 50 celsius? Now those are the people who should be getting our tips in society. Or what about the taxi driver who has to work 10-4am for one thing there is no restaurant that stays open that late, have a greater chance of being attacked and have to deal with lousy customers as well but I don’t see them starting a large twitter movement about it.

Furthermore, for the hours that you get one patron who does not leave a tip you will get twenty more who will so stop focusing on the negative. If you go long periods of time without getting a tip maybe you should check what kind of service you are providing. A bunch of waiters who I know clear 50 dollars on top of their salary. In addition, I have known people who have graduated from a program and have instead stuck with their waiting job or have quit their other job so they can focus on their waiting job. Therefore, one has to assume the money is pretty good. In addition, attractive females make even more money per hour. Not because they are a sexual object but because people respond better to an attractive person they have even done tests with babies proving this. Therefore, a female waitress who is attractive but provides poor service can walk away with 200 dollars. Even more reason to stop complaining.

Never mind, all of the flexibility of hours that this industry provides.

Conclusion service industry stop whining.

Autistic people should… be courageous and follow their dreams. Yes, there will be setbacks along the way, but there is setbacks whenever you follow your dreams no matter who you are. It is a hard steep path filled with sacrifice and there is no guarantee that you will succeed, but there is no guarantee for anyone. Yes, there will be extra obstacles in the way, but there are extra obstacles in our way no matter what we do, but you know what? Everyday we overcome these obstacles because we are a tough resilient people with more inner-strength than we will ever know. Yes, we have fewer examples of people who have succeeded in many fields and may have to carve our own paths but we still do have a few shining beacons of hope like Darryl Hannah or Dan Ackroyd. Yes, I know they both start with the letter D and not all great people’s names start with the letter D, but that is fine. Don’t make a big deal about nothing!!

We may want to give up, but all people have their low-points where they consider giving up that they have to motor through. We also may feel like the world is being unfair to us because of our disability, but, then we just have to work twice as hard and be twice as nice. There will also be times we are misunderstood because we are different, we think differently and we make different word choices. Instead of thinking of your disability as a weakness think of ways that you can make it a strength.  Ways how, thinking outside the box can make you innovative and bring different contributions to the table which are equally worthwhile.

Don’t hesitate to ask your family for help. I have a great family, however, if you don’t make your own family. There is a great supportive community out there on blogs and online, people who understand what life is like on the Autistic spectrum and can relate to you and will be thrilled to support you. If you are lucky, you may even find a strong community in the real-world of people you know. There are great places like the Asperger Society of Manitoba to go and make friends and allies. Some people are even lucky enough to have good friends among both the spectrum community as well as the NT community.

Believe in yourself, even when no one else does. Celebrate the small victories as well as the large. If you do all of these things I guarantee you will do great things, even if the outside world doesn’t recognize these great things for what they truly are.

People we are not doing enough to celebrate Aspergers/Autism. I don’t think we are doing enough to celebrate people with disabilities in general, but we are definitely not doing enough to celebrate Aspergers. We need to take a page out of the gay/lesbian transgendered communities playbook and embrace our differences.

First we could have Autism spectrum parades. I think our flag would be rainbowed like the gay and Lesbian community, because frankly we are a rainbow people. We think everywhere on the spectrum from the most outgoing individuals to the most withdrawn. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Yes, it is a burden at times but it can also be a gift. An amazing gift so why don’t we openly embrace our community of wonderful individuals and have parades

There is also a Gay and Lesbian show in the Winnipeg comedy festival. There is a panel to discuss issues relating to their specific community in a much larger festival giving them a forum to discuss their challenges and their triumphs with a much wider audience. I would love to have panels consisting of people all over the spectrum including NT (Neuro-typical) individuals talking. I think this is an amazing show and  would love if such a show existed for the disabled community. This would be a dream come true if shows like that were included in the Winnipeg comedy festival. I think that the autism community is even less well understood and represented in general and think that it would be amazing if we could be more represented.

I also think that it is great that there are characters who have autistic elements to them such as Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory and think that it would be that much greater if the character they had chosen to play him was on the spectrum in real life.

The real question is how can we network with groups who are already established and emulate them.

Just like there was once shame in being a lesbian and now the identity is embraced and for the most part openly accepted in society, it is my dream that the same could be said about the Autism community.

The Connecticut School Shooting if it was not sad enough takes on an extra tragic note for anyone who is on the Autistic Spectrum or cares about someone on the Autistic Spectrum. The shooter, Adam Lanza, turns out that he was believed to be on the autistic spectrum even though it was never officially diagnosed*. If it was, additional steps could have been taken to avert this crisis. Without a diagnosis, however, it is hard for someone who is on the autistic spectrum to get the proper treatment and if you read Life and Ink’s post about her son being prescribed drugs, even than the drugs can still have an adverse effect.
People on the Autistic Spectrum make up approximately 1% of the population so the chances are good that many people will not have had experience with anyone on it. Lack of information, means that other people (NT) who may have seen a person with Autism react badly by throwing an agitation, sensory overload tantrum and made a scene in a public place. Therefore, they may think that a person on the Autism Spectrum is a violent, unbalanced person who needs to be highly medicated.
They may not understand that people on the spectrum love rules, and most of us are huge rule-followers. They make life easier for us because it gives us a guide to act upon in a new situation as we do not generally do “on the fly” well. We don’t always get all the information, because of trouble reading body language and tone, therefore, rely on rules to guide us in new situations. This generally means that we are great citizens, however, anyone not knowing all of this, and not knowing anyone on the spectrum, and are predisposed to making rash judgements and decisions when they find out that the Columbia shooter, is believed to be on the autistic spectrum, from the news may think badly of the rest of us. One terrible incident like this, could undermine lots of hard-work to show people on the spectrum positively.

* Lanza, Autism and Violence. Columbia Journalism Review. December 12,2012.

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Debate: Romney Vs. Obama. Who Won?

As America gets closer to the time they go to the polls I focus on what’s imporant and what I hope comes out of it. America has alot of sway in the world, therefore, whoever wins I hope they take steps towards moving America towards being more environmental and being a voice in the world for the environment. While, countries like China are constantly becoming more and more powerful, America still has alot of power in the world and if they encourage the world to become greener and they walk the walk instead of being cuckolded to business they can make a large difference.

 Another thing I want to come out of this election is more of a move towards equality. I read a great article in the Free Press today about how despite there being a black president just as many African Americans are struggling as ever. In addition, when Sarah Fenton raised the issue that women are not treated equally in America there was a huge backlash against her even though women are still earning 76 cents to the man’s dollar. I am not selflessly hoping that America and the world following their example become more equitable but have a horse in this race. If the world tries to narrow the disparity between those with power and those without. People with Autism and Aspergers can hope that they too will be given a more fair deal and be treated better. Disempowered people always pick on those weaker than themselves but if everyone becomes empowered than the world becomes a kinder and gentler place.

  I think that is more likely to happen under Obama than it is Romney but am more than willing to be proven wrong, that Romney actually cares. That the Republicans aren’t simply a Waspish group who only care about the rich white males.

Everyone loves breasts. Girls love breasts, boys love breasts even little babies love breasts. The breast plays an important role in all of our lives. There is no part of a woman sexier, except for her brain, for the majority of women. Therefore, there is nothing worse than the idea of the breast being affected by cancer. Society has to do all we can to support this worthwhile cause, whether, it is by wearing pink or making donations.

Some people think all the campaigns of women looking sexy are inappropriate but I say, whatever draws attention to this worthwhile cause and gets people to open up their wallets. It is definitely much easier to raise funds for breast cancer than it is for prostate cancer. For the most part the silly Movember charity drive seems like it is more of a joke to me than a serious attempt to raise money. One of the reasons has got to be the fact that there is nothing sexy about the male prostate. It is not exactly the easiest on the eyes compared to breasts. Comparing them is like comparing a lamp shade to the sun. Glitter to the glitter of the stars.

I have personally affected by breast cancer as my neighbour who is a great woman got it and was able to overcome it. Unforunately, I cannot say the same thing for my aunt whose life was cut too short from cancer. As a result of my neighbour’s contracting breast cancer her children started a walk as a fundraiser called Walk For the Cure which has been an immense success. Raising close to a million dollars if not more. I have not looked at the numbers but they were in the paper for raising half a million. There is so many great fundraiser’s I just hope that doctors are able to find a cure for this disease. It It saddens me to think of all the mothers, daughters, aunts and sisters who have been claimed by breast cancer.

There is not much I can do as I am not a business person or a scientist/doctor other than make my donation, wear my pink and make a heartfelt plea to anyone who reads this “save the breasts”

Women remember to check yourselves regularly. Early dectection is worth its weight in gold.


“A wise person once said that writing and performing comedy is the easy part the hard part is the off-stage part.”

I completely agree with this sentiment. Every time I get on stage I do well enough. Heck lately I have been making serious progress in my stage performance and have been having the best sets of my career, thus far, but it doesn’t make a difference I still have not been offered any more stage time.  Since being a talented comedian is not enough when it comes to all of the off-stage drama. A person can work their tail off and put in many hours working on their jokes but if this work does not get acknowledged by people who have comedy rooms it is all for naught. That is one big difference between writing a blog and stand-up comedy. I can work as hard as I want on my blog and my fate does not rest in the hands of a few people but getting acknowledgment from anyone is equally valid. Also there is only so much work you can do on your stand-up comedy without a stage to stand-up on. 

   In the battle of off-stage drama I feel I am poorly equipped as I am not the most charismatic person as a result of my Aspergers.

Therefore, this is a frightening trend and I am worried at this point of time.

This is my first foray into the world of political blogging so please be gentle.

A country, city or municipality cannot prosper without good leadership and a trustworthy opposition to keep our leaders honest. Governance is such an important field and it attracts people from all walks of life bringing a variety of expertise that a government needs in order to be strong. Canada is lucky to have pretty good leaders. Sure they are not faultless and have been caught doing things which are wrong with the taxpayer’s money such as going to NHL hockey games or using their expense account inappropriately. This abuse of power, however, should be expected to some degree after all they are only human and we should be glad that we have watchdogs who are able to speak out. A good government can only work if there are many checks and balances to keep everyone honest. Individual indescretions are not what concern me what concerns me is the crazy amount of money these politicians are earning as a base salary.

  Some people argue that if you want top notch people in office you have to pay top dollar in order to compete against the corporations. This is faulty logic as many of the politicians have had long successful careers before they become elected officials. Being a leader of a city or country should be  a way of people giving back to all  the people who have helped them along the way by doing good for the public good instead of themselves. Therefore, they should be willing to work for far less money than CEO’s of corporations who are doing their job to make money. Instead many of the politicians are giving themselves raises while other public employees are seeing cutbacks and lay-offs. People who need the money, because they are young and not as successful and may be struggling to eke out money to pay their rent at the end of the month. People who still have young families to feed and care for. Politicians already have money the majority of them because they come from successful careers where they were leaders in their field. I sure hope that we are not electing people that have had relatively unsuccessful careers that they are turning to politics in order to collect their retirement paycheck.

It is not long like most of our politicians are in their 20’s or early 30’s even. To be considered young as a politician a person is usually 45, which is plenty of time to have made a good living and a good chunk of money to rely on. It’s not like we are electing comedians or struggling artists into positions of power. I am not saying that politicians should not be paid, but their salary should be $50,000 a year. How did I arrive at this number? Simple, it is the amount a hard-working teacher who are responsible for educating the future minds of our country makes. Teachers work incredibly hard just like politicians, therefore, it makes no sense that one group makes so much more. Especially when a teacher does not have the money a former lawyer or professor has to fall back on as many politicians were previously.