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Travel log 12:45 September 1st.

There is nothing like bed and sleeping, however sleeping in a foreign bed can be a challenge. Particularly if you have Aspergers and have a hard time with change. For example, a person gets used to the noises that come from outside their window. In my case it’s my neighbour’s radiator it sounds like a bzzzing sound like you would expect a light to make out in the country with all the flies flying towards it. In addition, sometimes there is my fan on inside the bedroom which makes a sh wsh sound as it goes round and round like two blades turning. When I was travelling, however, the noises were more of people having conversations outside of my window often in Spanish. The difference in sounds creates an uneasy tension that makes a person feel ready to jump out of bed and find out what is going on around them. This is a natural reaction from when people slept outside and were constantly surrounded by threats and being aware of the sounds that were going on around them when they were lieing down could mean the difference between life and death. However, this flight or fight reaction to foreign sounds makes it hard to settle down and fall asleep. Which is necessary if a person plans on being out of their hotel for a long day the following day sightseeing and trying to take in another culture as much as possible.


This is just one change that a person has to adjust to while travelling. For example, European girls are a completely different species to the North American female. Europeans live a completely different lifestyle with far more walking than exists in the sedientary North American way of life. In addition, the smaller helping size in European cities results in a thinner size. However, European girls are also less likely to smile and have any external signs of warmth. When smiled at they are less likely to smile back. In addition, they are very abrupt in the service industry and will conserve words like people conserve water in other areas of the world. As if they are worried about a shortage of words and will not waste their words needlessly in any attempt to show friendliness. Consequently Europeans tip their wait staff less money, and therefore, the waitresses and waiters may not feel that being friendly is in their best interest compared to trying to get people to go through as quickly as possible so that they can serve more people. In addition, there are more attractive females in Europe therefore, the power, prestige and social capital that comes with being an attractive female is greatly reduced. As a result they often settle for guys who seem to be not as fit of mates as they are, whether because the males are not as attractive as a whole or simply because they are not as well dressed and are quite slobberish. Another interesting fact to note here is that despite the unemployment there are alot of clothing stores and many fashionably well-dressed females. Groceries being cheap such as two litres of water being purchaseable for 16 cents and abundant cheap delicious fruit may play a factor here. The female species in Europe are rarely sighted alone and are usually seen in either groups or with a male partner who they are much more openly affectionate with than their North American neighbour often making out in the street or in the subway station. Is this because they do not have as much room in their homes for this kind of behaviour or is it simply a cultural thing, this sociological phenomenon deserves some more research. 

In addition, females at the beach seem to not be as concerned with the fashion code and will go topless at any old beach instead of only at nude beaches like their North American cousin would. To a casual observer it is a relief that most of the people at the beach on the whole tend to be of the younger age and therefore, their nudity is less unbecoming and more welcomed.


Furthermore another interesting phenomon is the closeness of restaurants. the North American will distribute their restaurant less frequently beside one competitor and across from another. That is partly due to their obsession with their car culture and therefore leave more room for parking their car. Therefore, there is much pushier promoters trying to get people to come into their stall instead of their neighbours often with the exact same menus. Offering small rudimentary prizes for choosing their product. In addition, they seem to not offer anything free in general and expect people to pay for the bread rolls they get as well as the butter. While the North American restauranters seem to think giving away these items free of charge is part of the price of doing business. Perhaps this suggests some kind of abundance of wheat and diary not existing in Europe.

End of travel log.




At the end of the Olympics I question whether I was right in my previous post about the Olympics. Is it really a waste of money? Yes it is a lot of money but who can say that they weren’t carried away as the Canadian women’s soccer team almost upset the American powerhouse only to lose due to some bad refereeing. Is this really the best time to decide whether the olympics are a good use of money when people are so emotional? I don’t know I mean right now I’m thinking libraries are so unromantic, who cares about health care when that money could be used for knocking that superior look off of the American Women’s soccer team.

Is there anything that can be as uplifting as watching the South African man without legs compete against men with legs? I mean as a person with Aspergers I felt like his triumph was all of our triumph giving a kick in the groin to the status quo. And on such a grand stage. If you ask me that is absolutely priceless and can not be factored into dollars and pennies.  There is no spreadsheet that can calculate the good feeling that came out of that. Watching Usain Bolt demolish everyone in grand fashion was amazing and it did not cost Canadians a penny. Did it have to be Canadian’s to beat the American female soccer team that would have brought me joy or would anyone beating them make me happy? Could Canada really just enjoy the Olympics from the sidelines, and have the incredible joy and satisfaction from the games I think so. 

We didn’t even achieve our goal of finishing in the top 12 because smaller countries such as Hungary finished with better performances than we did. Is it because they are Hungarier than we are? Maybe Canadians are just not meant to be athletes and we are better as musicians and in other fields of endeavor? Winnipeg definitely kicks ass in improv with Crumbs, and Outside joke so maybe that should be our calling card instead of sports. If we gave them the money I think we would get a much better return on the dollar. If we are generous I think maybe Hot Thespian Action could use a few dollars to compete against the Americans and also some money to me for setting up this alternative.