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Well, another season of Week Thus Far is fast approaching, and I am very excited to see what the messed up and brilliant minds of the WTF cast can come up with. This crew is made up of a bunch of seasoned comedians, writers, actors and camera men. This means either one of two things either the show will be hilarious or the cast will get so off track having fun with each other that nothing will ever get made. Forunately, the group is able to stay somewhat focused under the stern management of their head-writer Matt Nightingale.  Matt Nightingale does not put up with garbage from owl commericials and he certainly will not put up nonesense from this crew. Often resorting to his Sting impression to get the group back under control. (Only in my head does this actually happen as far as I know.)

To say that I am  jealous  very jealous  of these talented writers and the great show that they put out week after week is an understatement. However, you will never see me working on the show when the staff is that large. I mean, I would constantly be fustrated when my ideas and newspieces don’t get used. Which would be most of the time.  My mind gets ideas that are not readily accepted and I don’t exactly work in the box. Let’s put it this way, most of the time I exist in a different space where Willy Wonka, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is the president and the Twits are the leaders of the opposition. That does not work really well, when you expect other people to listen to or appreciate your ideas.

   However, let’s raise our glasses and give cheer to the crew of WTF and hope this season is as good as the last 3. There have been many memorable characters during that stretch, here are my personal favourites; the Kiji guy, the Newfie Fisherman, Canadian Tuxedo mask, and Old Ball Coach. As well,  my personal favourite episodes or sketches thus far, like the Canadian Tuxedo Masks with Dr. Kevin Da Brow or The Scientist, the Halloween episode where the show’s crew drank disgusting concoctions, as well as the short but memorable video of the WTF staff lining up against the Women’s Bison Hockey team. Check their show out every Monday night at 8 at the Kings’ head Pub or Tuesdays on Shaw TV.

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