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I often talk about Aspergers the problem; how it makes life harder socially because frankly that is what I am often focused on. Nevertheless, there is also a whole different side to Aspergers. There are trade-offs and while sometimes the trade-offs do not seem fair Aspergers can also be a beautiful thing.
In school my memory was always amazing. I was always able to engage with any material that I read or studied in university in a very deep personal way and was often able to connect with it. There are some people in university and life who are able to sail by, getting great grades with very little effort. I know several of these people who were able to get great grades but, and its a major but, they never seemed to really care about what they were learning. For them school was a formula you do A+B and get C where C is a high mark. For these people the things that they were studying were completely irrelevant and they had just mastered the formula.
I on the other hand, because my social life was not the greatest had time to really engage with the ideas that I was reading in the books. The information was not something to learn by rote but something to try and understand and engage with.
There are some people who can never remember what they read five-minutes after they put the book down. My memory has always been glorious. I have been compared to an elephant in my family, since an elephant never forgets. I don’t know if I would say I never forget but my memory is pretty darn good. My problem has always been putting down these ideas in a way that everyone else could understand. As a result of having Aspergers, I have never been the most organized of thinkers I have also been at times careless and not focused enough on fine details. I mean even though, I was not getting the best marks I was always able to know the material as well as anyone else. In addition, while I always worked hard I don’t think it was always as necessary to read many things more than once before the information was stuck in my long-term memory bank.
All of these aspects, the ability to appreciate what I was learning, the time to focus on it and appreciate it as well as the memory to hold onto this information are all aspects of having Aspergers and I am grateful for all of them.



Life is beautiful. Stop a second and smell the flowers. There are way too many unhappy people in the world. Sure I don’t have a monopoly on shitty lives and I am sure getting cancer or having your boyfriend sucks. But stop a second and think about it, I don’t have that many friends, I am still a 26 almost 27 year old virign who’se never even come close and has never had a relationship and all the other problems that I have mentioned in my blog thus far, and yet I am still generally pretty happy. Then there’s still even my whole dream of being a teacher which I aspired to ever since I was in Junior High falling apart on me and becoming a nightmare and I still move on. So whats’s your excuse from not seeing the sunnyside of life? Is your life really so bad?

I am not discussing the people who are clinically depressed here, because that has to do with a chemical in-balance in your body, but you know what you can still get some anti-depressants or there are treatments that you can recieve so that you can keep on smiling. People who walk around with crummy attitudes or an attitude “that the world owes them more” are just annoying. Only by being positive no matter how hard that is will you draw positive things towards yourself such as promotions, friends and yes even romantic interests.

So keep on smiling all you pretty people. Find the good things in life that make you happy like this Banana and Chocolate crepe.