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When trying to get a message across you never stop at using one method and say now they should get what I am going for. That is something that I learnt in the classroom. That you need a variety of methods to reach people who prefer to read a blog, while others prefer watching a play or reading a book. I feel that my message is important enough that I have set about writing a fringe festival show for this summer.

  The first thing I set about doing was trying to figure out a name for the production company. When applying to the festival not only do you need to send in money but you also have to provide a production company name. Therefore, with this in mind last night I sat in bed thinking of various names that would both entice an audience and let them know what the show was going to be about. Here is the best name that I have thought of so far “An Autistic Production”. I was trying to play on the words an artistic production by so and so. I also thought of something like Mr. Asperger or Aspergers on the Fringe. Well both of these names sound like they would tie in well with my blog they just did not sound so appealing to me.

  The next thing I did immediately after thinking of a production company name is thought about what I wanted to name it. My first choice at this point is pass the Ass-berger; A story of awkwardness, courage and understanding. I thought that this name was clever because it had Asperger in the name but at the same time I thought it sounded funny. As well, to pass on something is another word for impart in this case what I am passing on knowledge of what it is like to have Aspergers.  It also was inspired by Sarah Silverman’s title for her biography which is the bedwetter: stories of courage, redemption, and pee. I read this book and thought it was hilarious and am a big fan of her work.  

I am not quite sure what I will do for a cover photo, however. Most likely a picture of myself hugging my knees to my body and above this image a double rainbow. I don’t know I am not very visually talented. Therefore, if anyone has any great ideas of how I should design my poster I am all ears.

The show will combine material from both my stand-up comedy as well as material from my blog. For example, having one of my jokes “When I was 12 my mom told me I was Autistic at the time I thought this meant I was predisposed to being an autist. I tried my hand at finger painting that did not work, I tried my hand at pottery that didn’t work so well either. I wasn’t even the best autist in the class that was Kyle. But standing in front of you guys right now I feel like I finally found my Aut, I have never felt more Autistic than I do right now.” Than explaining that my art is not acting but being a stand-up comedian and talk about what it is like growing up with Aspergers.

Stay tuned to see how well this show goes over.


Adam Schwartz

Having Aspergers means that more things are out of your control than most people, therefore, you have to learn how to accept what you cannot change. This is a fustrating lesson and no matter how many times you think you have learnt it, it never gets much easier. Whether it’s with making friends impressing girls or getting stage time at one of the rooms doing comedy. A person can work hard to impress a girl but if they are not getting all the signals and information being transmitted the chances of success decrease drastically. In addition, sitting by the phone and hoping the girl will phone back is really a waste of time, but if you’re really interested and invested it is hard not to. It’s like in sports you can work hard spend more time in the gym than anyone else but in the end if you have Aspergers you are going to lose because of poor hand-eye-coordination that you were unforunately born with. In terms of comedy, you can kill it at open mics and you can go out to support all the local shows but unless the producers decide to put you in the show there is really nothing you can do. Which can be really fustrating when all you really want to do is get stage time to prove to everyone else that you are just as good as anybody else. Especially when you put all your effort into comedy to overcome for other shortcomings in your life but alas you still have no control of whether someone decides to put you up at Jeffries, the Cheer, or the King’s head. Those big bullies. All you can really do is try and change your attitude towards not being in control which is very difficult and often a losing battle. 

I guess it would be easier if you believed in destiny or a God who is actively involved in our lives. But for those who don’t it is all the more difficult but all you can do is try and hope everything works out.

For the longest time I was not a fan of blogs thinking that they had nothing to say to me. For the most part I thought that they were either extremely political or a venue for parents to talk about their children and the funny things they did. Parenting blogs may interest someone who is a parent, however, they did not say anything to me as I am a single male who has no interest in having children in the immediate future. I also thought that blogs were useful if you are into fashion which is not me. Therefore, I had very little interest in reading other people’s blogs and certainly had no interest in having my own blog*. Having said that the reason why I am blogging is that people with Aspergers have been shown as people with job issues by Rudy Simone portrayed from a children’s perspective in Freaks Geeks and Aspergers, or seen in a more scientific way. My blog is dedicated to examining the mundane things from a person who has Aspergers perspective. People toss around the word special or unique too frequently, but having Aspergers means your 1 in 1000 being a comedian with Aspergers is 1 in a million.  When I toss around the word special I don’t do it with any particular sentimental attachment, boring people find girlfriends get good jobs settle down and live happy lifestyles. Being special means constantly being on the edge of depression and struggling in the simplest of social situations. Like the blog of a martian would be worth reading, so is this one because it is a very different perspective which is so seperate but yet somehow still relateable. That creates enough separation between the reader that they can laugh and yet relatable enough to admit that they have had some of the same thoughts.

* Since starting blogging I have changed my opinion on blogs as I have read many interesting blogs that I have thoroughly enjoyed such as MyheartisinSanFransico, as well as a blog by my friend Kurt Berger, bergerlippa, and Lorraine James’s Diss. I know I have left out many other great blogs which I have thoroughly enjoyed when I read them, “like I heart Change” however, it would take forever to list them all.

Adam Schwartz