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Autistic productions

Posted: December 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

After the success of my Fringe show I saw that there was an interest in Aspergers. I also think that art is a way of changing people’s perspectives in a non-confrontational way. Also that Aspergers was being seen in a negative light via Jenny McCarthy and other celebrities. Therefore I thought we should recognize the artists on qthe spectrum or artists I like to call them. Therefore we recognize a different autist each month. In the future I am hoping to be able to give out grants to support these individuals. Also to help them get more exposure. When I was looking at paying for a professional website, Marjie Mcmullin a mother of an autistic son I had previously met offered to design it and manage it for me. Since then she has become my partner taking responsibility for the social media among other responsibilities so I could focus on my stand up comedy and writing. I am doing the Toronto and hopefully Victoria fringe and hopefully releasing my first book this summer Musings of an Aspie. So spread the word if you know anyone living in either of these cities also checkout the website at or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out more about our artists and events.