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The golden age

Posted: February 21, 2017 in aspergers, Uncategorized

So my friend, Moshe, and I went for a walk recently. He asked, slash pointed out. Adam you write a lot about our past and your current situation. Why don’t you do something different and write about the future. What will having Aspergers or Autism look like in twenty years?

The Future? What is that going to look like? It gets scarier all the time. Before, it was just a concern about hoarding goods and Al Qaeda striking us. You know when the coasts become over flooded and the terrorists try to take over the rest of the world. Now, there is a completely new threat I didn’t see coming in Donald Trump. What is that going to look like, an Atomic wasteland?  In that kind of environment, it will be a battle for survival, people won’t be as concerned about the rights about disabled people. Black lives matter? Only if it improves your chances of survival. You’re in a wheelchair. You can’t read body language and tell when the person across from you is going to decide to stab you with a knife. Sucks to be you!

Right now, during my lifetime we live in a golden age where people care about the plight of those who are different than themselves. The bullying that happens now? A spit in the bucket compared to what will come with the giant killer bee overlords. That’s why, I can’t think past the current moment. Which is improving all the time, so all I can do is ride the wave =)