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Never judge any of your own work to harshly. This is a life lesson that I have learnt recently. I had lots of fun making a webseries called Library outreach where I went out into the community and interviewed other comedians about things in their lives and always tied it back to the library. In the end I felt like it was a failure. When the library insisted that I remove it from YouTube because it was giving people the wrong idea that I was part of an organized promotional attempt from the library which takes a longer time getting anything done and runs through more of a committee and many many meetings. At the time, however, I was not that upset because the views on the YouTube videos were dismal. A popular video got 100 views and most of those I felt like were from me. Therefore, I was ready to write the show off. Just yesterday something amazing happened, however. A big name Comedian who is well-known and has been on televised comedy shows and gets interviewed by Bill Mader wants to do my show. Turns out he is dating another comedian. A comedian who is from Winnipeg and I am good friends with, a one Aisha Alfa; who had previously moved to Toronto less than 4 months ago to further her career. When Aisha told him about the show he became interested in being in it when he passes through Winnipeg for the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, in which he is participating in the biggest shows of the festival. When I informed him the show was cancelled he got upset and me realizing how big of an opportunity that I am missing have decided to create a new interview web series called “It’s a Work In Progress.”

People with Aspergers often are afraid to follow their dreams and lets their condition hold them back. They fear that they are just not good enough and with all their extra challenges they will never succeed in the field that they choose so decide it is better to play it safe and stick in a job that they may not love.

   They are afraid that everyone will laugh at them because of their awkwardness and therefore quit before seeing their projects through.  “About 7 years ago, I took a workshop with a woman who used to write for SNL in the late 70′s, on sketch comedy. My aspieness created an awkward scene and I bailed on completing the workshop.” Ken Myers 43 year-old lawyer.

However, once we find the path that is right for us, we can’t let anything hold us back.

“For a long time I thought my awkwardness would make it impossible for me to be a good trial lawyer, but then I got in front of a jury for the first time, in a really big case, a year ago, and I was like Rain Man in a good way, totally zoned in on it, my boss said I found my calling. I don’t really agree with that, but the point was that aspieness does not hold us back from any particular field, IMHO, rather with our way of focusing (obsessing?) we can be brilliant in just about anything.”

We all need to find the dreams that work for us. Just like Ken Myers never became a sketch writer his unique skills that come with Aspergers allowed him to succeed in court. I may not become the most successful comedian but it is not because my Aspergers is holding me back. Like Ken says we can be brilliant in just about anything. It is just about finding the right field for us to succeed in. Often the only way of knowing that, however, is by failure letting us know that we are going down the wrong path.

People with Aspergers have succeeded in every creative field as well as in law and business. Others have also succeeded in engineering and mechanics like Jon Elder Robison,  who is also a prestigious author. Granted, however, there will never be a great athlete with Aspergers it is not in our genes but we can nevertheless be successful in many other fields.

 It can even be an advantage,  “comedians NEED a difference so they can blast on stage about it. They need to be fat, ugly, black, female, short, whatever, and then they need to OWN it, and they can find the humor in it. Being aspie is not a hinderance, but a tool that can be very useful.” Anything, can be an advantage, if we see it in the right light.

  Despite his setbacks Ken Myers has, also, not given up on his dream of being a writer. “One day, I may get my comedy out there in some public way, maybe write my own Douglas Adams type comedy novel“.

  Even though, I may never meet Ken Myers, his comments filled with wisdom from his own life and the fact that he could relate and felt comfortable sharing his own story after reading my blogs are the reason why I blog in the first place. That and to become rich and famous =).  Therefore, I would love for more people to send me their stories and share their comments on my blog.

To see the letter in its entirity its in the comment section of my blog about Z list celebrities.



   I know I talk about my disability alot on stage in stand-up comedy and that I have a blog devoted to me discussing what it is like to have Aspergers but there is more to me than just the disability. Last sunday night I was introduced to Zack Bogosian, of the Winnipeg Jets, as a funny guy who has Aspergers. Zack, however, never asked about my disability or any shortcomings I have, nor did he ask about my strengths. Therefore, I was offended that I would be introduced this way. It’s not like I go up to people and am like “hi I am Adam Schwartz and I have a masters degree.” It is up to me to decide who and when I share this information and not for anyone else, except maybe my doctor. Also, there is more to me than just my condition, for example, there’s the fact that I prefer science fiction books or that I prefer chocolate to gummy candy. That I am a devoted son and loving brother.  Instead of a person I am reduced to some kind of victim.

    Another thing that bothers me is when people tell me I don’t look like I have Aspergers. When they usually say that I respond with thank-you because no one wants to “look Austistic”. Which in lies the problem people don’t associate Aspergers and Autism as a spectrum but rather they associate it with the people who are on the extreme of being so internal that they have a hard time looking after themselves. This mental association makes it much harder for people to own their condition and unite instead they want to deny their condition because they don’t want to be seen as the same as the people on the extreme end. At least that’s a major reason why I denied having Aspergers for so long. People who have Aspergers each have their own personality and can vary as much as much as those considered neuropsychologically normal. Therefore there really is no “autistic” or “asperger” look. Also as a secondary concern is the fact that when you tell someone you have Aspergers you are sharing an important fact about yourself and therefore open yourself to being vulnerable and when people deny what you are telling them it is like they are calling you a liar.


Yeah, I know I am kind of a big deal in Winnipeg. Sure the majority of people who will recognize me on the street don’t exactly stop me because they know me from comedy and sure I never get anything free because of my celebrity status but I am still a bit of a big shot. I mean occasionally, once in every six months or so, someone will be like “hey, I think I saw you at comedy, you were really funny!” It does happen I am not making it up. I also like to think that I am doing the responsible thing and putting my celebrity status to good use promoting an important cause. While still preventing all this fame from going to my head and giving me a massive ego. I mean I almost went and talked to girl who I didn’t know. I stopped myself at the last minute, but I would not have even considered it 6 months ago.

Here is a list of my achievements of the last 6 months that people might know about:

Was in the local comedy festival, in one of the free shows that happened at the library during noon time.

Appeared on two local mic shows a week. One at the Rose’n’bee and the other at the Cavern on Osborne. Not to brag or anything, but the Cavern is where local Z list stars are born after all.



    Being a Z list celebrity is new to me and it raises many questions. For example, at what point can I go around being like “do you know who I am?” As well, at one point can I get away with dressing garishly in public? What point will girls want to start sleeping with me just because I am so-so famous. As well, how long am I safe before paparazzi start chasing me around on really really slow news days? I think you have to be at least C list internationally, before anyone asks you to play Celebrity Wheel of Fortune for your charity. Does anyone know the rules about that?



Wow, don’t wake me up if I am dreaming but I was just acknowledged by Jon Elder Robison. Many people may not know who he is. I mean there are millions of books out there what are the chances you would pick up his? Well it did win a prestigious award so the chances are greater than one would think but still pretty dismal. His book Look me in the Eye, however, has had a huge impact on me. A few blogs ago I wrote about coming out of the closet about my Aspergers and how there are few role models in the community. To me, however, Jon is one of those role models who I look up to. Him and Temple Grandin, so if anyone knows Temple make sure she reads my blog as well… just kidding (kind of, if you really know her or know someone who knows her and she wants to comment on one of my blogs well I would just faint like a Southern Belle.) I will acknowledge, that they are role models of an adult and that they aren’t in the media spotlight as much as a celebrity, but that works because I am grown-up now. I wouldn’t go up to a child and be like don’t worry about having Aspergers Jon Elder Robison did and look at the incredible things he did. First off, because that child probably has no clue what Aspergers is and is unlikely to have it. Second of all if that child and his street tough group of friends don’t mug me for everything I have on me that child will have gone in got an adult and I will land in other hot water. If that child does happen to have Aspergers and is not frightened off by a stranger approaching them and scenario A or B or A+B don’t happen the chances of them knowing who Jon Elder Robison is are slim. That does not take away from the fact that Jon Elder Robison is an incredible man. Having him acknowledging my writing is like Patton Oswalt or Ricky Gervais flying to Winnipeg to watch me perform at a local open mic. Granted, acknowledging a blog from the comfort of your own home is much easier than flying all the way to Winnipeg, but, there are also way fewer people with Aspergers that I look up to compared to the number of great comedians out there.

To give some background who he is other than an author with Aspergers he was also the person to create the cool guitars for Ace Freeley the guitarist for KISS. He had an incredible life recounted in his book but his work for KISS is probably his claim to fame if a person was to point at one thing. Therefore, he is probably one of the pioneers of rock shows being about so much more than just the music, for better or worse.

   I know I know I should be cooler when meeting or being recognized by someone awesome I look up to like Steve Patterson or Jon Elder Robison. I know they put their pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else. Instead I turn into a big gusher, which is tre not cool.  

   It was a really nice surprise considering that I was feeling really really sick today. In addition, when I checked out how many people had viewed my blog in the last few days the average was like 10 people which is not exactly something to make someone jump for joy. On top of that I was having some trouble at work. Nevertheless, I was checking my WordPress stats as part of a routine I do. First I check Facebook, then I check WordPress and finally I end up on Plenty of Fish to find out that I had received a comment from the man.

I want to end up by saying I am currently 100 pages into the Clash of Kings in the Games of Thrones series by George Martin and it is definitely not disappointing. I have decided to read the book before Season 2 comes out on DVD because Season 1 is exactly like the book and if I want to see what my imagination can do with the book I have to read it first because I am definitely going to watch The Games of Thrones series when it comes out. I hope one day to become a millionth as of an accomplished writer that he is.

PS wouldn’t it be a funny chain of events if he gets really annoyed and sues me for using the cover of his book in this post.


Holy shit, I get to be part of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. It’s a dream come true. Most comedians spend their whole career trying to get into their city’s festival. Granted I am not in the big Winnipeg show which is a showcase for all the local talent and is the biggest show for local comedians but getting to host shows at the library is still something right? It means someone recognized I had talent. Granted, I did have to email the producer Al Rae and beg him to let me in the show, which, frankly is not as cool as if he had asked me, but if he was worried that I would shit the bed he wouldn’t have put me in the show and allowed me to host as many noon shows as I wanted right? mean granted it is better to have a comedian to introduce the acts then someone who worked in the library. But if he was really concerned he could have done it himself right? I mean he was in the audience after all. Nevertheless, this was still an act of courage, and generosity and not the last involved in last year’s festival. I mean here is someone who does not know me all that well, willing to take a chance on me when people who I regularly perform with week in and week out are reluctant to put me on their shows where the potential of a turn-out is not nearly as high as any event for the Winnipeg Comedy festival. Especially in a location, that has been extremely successful in the past and has had a big turn-out as far as I can remember when they had comedians like Al Bolden amongst others. They have also invested some serious cash I am guessing because that year they have pretty big comedians such as John Wing and Sean Cullen coming to the library to perform. If I do a  terrible job, off the top that would  sour the mood for the rest of the comedians. 

    I went to the big kick off to the festival at McNally’s. The turnout was pretty good and I got to met the people who were working with Al. I asked one of the guys how many of the days he wanted me to host, thinking that I would be lucky just getting to host even one. They want me to host all of them,  however, due to personal obligations I am only available the one day. Forunately for me the one day I can make it is the biggest one. Where I will be opening up for Sean Cullen and John Wing and not one of the other days which are not devoted to stand-up but one of them is a funny book reading. The comedians on the night of the kick-off are the ever; hilarious Chantal Marostica, OBC,  Aisha Alfa and Al Rae. It is almost impossible to sit in a restaurant and not order anything to eat or drink. Unforunately, I just realized that I have very little money on me and I do not know whether or not they accepted Debit or Visa. Therefore, I order the cheapest dessert they have. It is delicious, and oh so chocolatey, and it makes a very nice treat while watching the comedy. However, the whole time in the pit of my stomache I am worried that I will be  unable to pay. I am good friends with the other comedians but still felt awkward about everyone knowing how broke I am. Well not broke, I have plenty of money in my bank account, that just doesn’t help me if it’s not on me right? What if McNally’s restaurant doesn’t accept cards? That’s crazy talk, right?  My decision to come was spontaneous and ill-planned out. In addition, I am still worried about making a good impression on Al. I mean he does, have a hell of alot of power when it comes to the festival and frankly I have only met him a few times. After the show I  anxiously await for the bill to arrive. When I look at the time and it’s after 12 o’clock so I step away for a minute. Not because I am trying to dine and dash, the thought has never occured to me. I just need to check in with my mom if I am going to be home after midnight, she’s overprotective like that. When I get back I ask one of the other people who’se working for Al on the festival where the bill is and they tell  me that Al had covered everyone’s bill. If I knew this I would probably have been a douche and ordered a few beers and not been so cheap with ordering the cheapest thing on the menu.  After the comedy show on my way home I stopped for gas. Just as I was going through the cards in my wallet to prepay for the gas I was about to buy. It turned out like an idiot I had forgot the cards by the computer from when I was booking tickets for the Debaters. Therefore, I drove home without getting the gas but in my head I was completely freaking out because I had been counting on those cards to pay my bill and if Al had not paid for everyone I would have been royally screwed. I have no clue what they would have done with me. Would I have gone to prison? Would they have called my home and had someone have to come down with money and bail me out? Would they make me have to wash dishes? For Al’s I will forever be grateful, even if I never perform in the festival again. Though, I personally think that I have the library market cornered. Right? “Come on, pretty please?”

  The realization that I had got into the festival as a result of someone else’s generosity probably made me more awkward than I already am. For example, I would talk to other, female, comedians who had extremely long lists of credits and  had been flown into Winnipeg from Los Angeles to do several shows, and then I would foolishly point out “hey I am not even supposed to be here, as a performer” but I am doesn’t that make me sexy. Wow it’s Steve Patterson, if I did comedy for the rest of my life I hope I have one-tenth the ability you have, and now I am gushing like a little girl instead of a comedian. I am not even the best comedian fan. On the last night of the festival, everyone was partying it up at the Academy Bowling Lanes and I went up to one of the comedians and said “hey, you look familiar have I seen you on television before?” and he being the nice modest guy he is said “yeah I was on a show called KIDS in the Hall” and then I being the smart guy that I am and knowing that there were two people from the show there, Scott Thompson and Kevin Macdonald said “oh, you must be Scott Thompson” and he politely said ” no that’s Scott Thompson” over there. That was so emberassing because pretty much everyone knows who they are. It’s like meeting the members of KISS backstage and going up to Gene Simmons and being like “hey aren’t you in a band? Holy shit, your in Kiss, you must be Ace Freehely!”   I have to say to Kevin Macdonald’s credit is he was extremely humble, easy-going, forgiving and had a smoking hot wife. I mean this woman was jaw-dropping beautiful.

    The actual day:  On the day of the performance, I got to the library by bus 15 minutes earlier than the time that we said we were going to start and I was busy trying to memorize the credits for John Wing and Sean Cullen two seasoned professional comedians. I remember John saying that he wanted to go before Sean because Sean was a really tough act to follow due to his unique relationship with crowds and the energy he brings to the room. I remember being suprised because I always thought John Wing was the stage time for an asian comedian. It’s not the John part that creates that illusion in my head but the last name Wing. Why this would be the case, I am still not sure to this day. I remember making jokes to a semi-awkward crowd who warmed up much more to the other guys than me. It could be because they are used to performing in places other than bars for young people. I also remember reading the credits on stage because I couldn’t remember them and then making a lame joke about how John was old because he had opened up for a band that I have never heard of. Not that I am a music guru or anything. 

What really stands out, however, is that there was an elderly woman sitting in the corner who knitted the whole time. When I tried to rift on this it did not fare well, but the other guys were able to get some good mileage out of this funny sight.  It was the most flabbergasting thing I have ever dealt with as a comedian. Who actually brings their knitting with them to live shows? I mean yes I have knit in front of the television or while listening to the radio but that is not directly in the eye-sight of the performers. You can’t believe how distracting and how much it threw me off to have someone more focused on their knitting than my attempt to try and entertain them and I have had my fair share of bored audience members who feel that it is better to shout out random things or talk with their friends than it is to listen to the show but never any knitters.

 Not only did I met Kevin Macdonald but I met tons of awesome people like the girls from Picnic Face. I also met this super hot chick the last night, who was just a girl who came to the party even though she was not part of the festival. I thought that she was  Jewish comedian Judy Gold,  even though she had red hair which is a clear sign that people are usually not Jewish. When I asked her about it she was very flirty and unzipped my sweater jacket that I was wearing. I did not know how to respond to that at all. I don’t even remember what happened. I am not the type of person that gets into relationships easily or even knows when a girl is flirting or just being goofy. It’s an Asperger thing really. Sherry Sutton was also at that party so it was really neat getting to meet her after watching her kill her show at the library the previous year. Talking about what life is like as a Lesbian who grew up in traditional Southern Texas. In addition, she congratulated me on a show where I had no clue how I did so had mixed feelings about afterwards. Her complimenting me was a huge boost to my ego. Because in my head I was thinking that’s incredible that you like me because you are a genuinely funny professional comedian and I am a local open mic comedian.

One of the best parts of being in the show was that I recieved a performer pass which entitled to go see all the other shows that were going on…. For FREE!! It also entitled me to going to afterparties which were incredible. Great food, great company and unlimited alcohol. As I have mentioned before I am not a huge drinker because like many people with Aspergers I don’t like to feel out of control as I already have so little of it when I am sober. Nevertheless, the idea of unlimited free alcohol sounds breathtaking to my ears. All in all it was one of the best experiences in my life.


There are so many realities television shows, while here is some more.

  How about a show called how street smart are you? Take ten competitors and give them each a secret button camera or something and see how well they thrive at being homeless. Who will be the best at begging, finding living accomodations on less than $20 dollars a day to start off with. This is a show I would much rather watch than pawnshop wars. This would require the competitiors to be gritty and tough and show initiative. See how mentally tough they are as the person who does the least that week is kicked off of the show and allowed to go back to their lives of a shelter and three meals a day. Who will be willing to keep going in terrible conditions for a chance of winning $50,000 plus a chance at fame. I know what people are thinking wouldn’t it be more interesting to have real homeless people compete. However, this would not test them as they are already used to the lifestyle and therefore would not have the struggle to adjust to it which would really make better tv. As well, do you really want to watch real homeless people? They are generally an unattractive bunch and have the scars of their lives to prove it while people generally like to watch attractive people do extreme things. Even the people on the Biggest Loser while fat are generally attractive as soon as they lose the weight.

   The people, however, should be spread out that way they can’t take comfort from each other or help each other. In addition, all the betraying each other or making alliances like happens on Survivor is boring. This will force the people to their breaking point much quicker to the point that they are ready to simply drop out of the contest so they do not have to endure anymore hardship.

  Another reality show I want to see is who wants to be the next top children’s librarian. Where they throw librarians to the wolves metaphorically speaking. Have a librarian go into an arcade and try and convince them to put down the video games and to pick up a book instead. There will also be the best book review component where libarians have to present a particular genre every week to a panel of three judges who critic them and decide who is the winner that week and who is going home. The winner will get to have a spa day for the individual days or a fancy restaurant which they definitely would not be able to afford on a librarian salary. Librarians are paid even worth than teachers so any sit-down restaurant would be a treat for this group. The judges will be JK Rowling, a representative from Scholastics and a descendant of John Dewey even though he has no interest in books, libraries, librarians or anything other than his skateboard. The grand prize winner will earn $40,000 for their library and this will mean they won’t get laid off because libraries can like zero government funding.

   Enough cooking shows or antique shows these are the reality shows that I want to watch next.

This is the blog episode where I look at random things in the media and then comment on them based off of no facts or perspective other than my own.

So I am super happy that Lady Gaga’s meat dress is making its way to the female exhibit for the rock hall of fame. No other pop singer has been as outspoken about both women’s rights issues or same-sex rights as Gaga. I mean sure that name Gaga is ridiculous, but who else can you think of in the last ten years who has done as much? Britney Spears? Keisha? Pink? Avril Lavigne? Pff give me a break.  Lady Gaga ‘s theatrics at times can be considered extreme but at least she stands for something and is making some kind of message. Trying to stir up some kind of conversation. Don’t get me wrong I am sure all the other pop singers have a cause who they donate money to and may make celebrities appearances for or pose in a photo for but none of them are anything other than ridiculous. Just pretty girls with songs that usually mean nothing like “hit me one more time” or “Skater Boi”.

    For the people who have not seen Dexter Season 6 that are going to see it please turn away at this point. So I just watched the season finale of Dexter how messed up was that? Debra realizing that she’s in love with Dexter. That’s pretty messed up stuff. I do not approve. Then Debra walking in on Dexter killing someone that will really mess her up. I am excited for season seven especially since I found out that Yvonne Stratovski from Chuck is now playing a girl named Hannah in Dexter. Yaye. She is soo soo pretty.


The new shows that I am most excited for are Animal practice. There are so many doctor shows and frankly people are boring about time they made a show about treating animals with a celebrity animal as the star. There is ER and Private Practice and Scrubs. I get it life and death is exciting but humans are boring. That’s why people rooted for the Gorrillas killing humans in the Rise of the Planet of the Apes.


   The other show that I am very excited for is Mob Doctor. I am obsessed with anything dealing with the mafia and really enjoy reading books about gangsters and watching television shows about mob members like the Sopranos or the Wire (two of my favourite shows). It is also just such a strange interesting concept to think about someone being the doctor for the mob just like it would be interesting a show about a mob accountant and how they use and create front businesses for laundering the money.


The show that I am most excited about returning from last year is Smash. My family is obsessed with anything to do with Marilyn Monroe ever since reading Joyce Carol Oates Blonde. What a beautiful sad tragic figure. She is the Joan of Arc of the 21st century in terms of international appeal. She has been the faec of so many different movements and organizations. It is also like Glee but focused on Broadway which is much cooler than a high school glee club. I mean people come on. In addition, it is more unified less characters that it tries to give equal time to and is much more of an adult show. On top of that its made by Steven Spielberg who not only is a brilliant writer, also has Aspergers.   Okay, he never publicly came out and said it but Temple Grandin said that he probably had it and she is like the all-time expert and celebrity on the disorder. People with Aspergers have Asp-ar meaning like someone with gay-dar  can tell you if someone is gay someone with Asp-ar can tell you if another person has Aspergers.     

True love is wonderful as a concept, as is love at first sight and the idea of soulmates. People with Aspergers often are a cynical bunch having struggled with romantic interactions which falls under social interactions in general. Okay maybe, its not fair to put that on all people with Aspergers so I will correct that previous sentence and say I am a cynical person. Yet at the same time, I often hold out the hope of a soulmate of at least one person who will understand and love me for being myself. And god knows there is probably only one person who can love me for that. 

Which raises the question how do you know when is the right time to pop the question? Avril Lavigne and Chad Kruegger would say after six weeks but for most people this is absolutely crazy. Chad Kruegger is a very special case, because most people hate his band Nickel Back and Avril Lavigne’s best years as an artist are behind her. Therefore, maybe what brought them so close so quickly is an us against the rest of the world mentality. Anyone in this state of being can feel emotions much deeper and quicker, which may subside over time. 

Most couples would ask more questions like how do you know how well you guys will get along, if you haven’t even had your first fight yet? Maybe that person that you thought was an angel turns into a hell beast with sharp yellow claws and enormous fangs after they have been hurt. Maybe they go out and cheat with the first person they see. Maybe they get really hurtful and act really mean. It’s impossible to accurately predict how the other person will act until you two have been in a relationship longer. You also don’t know if after being in a relationship a person will become a real slob who goes everywhere in dirty sweatpants and picks up 50 pounds. You don’t know how well you will get along with the in-laws. What if his mother is the mother-in-law from hell and he always takes her side. Then they are clearly not marriage material.

  On the other hand celebrity marriages also end really quickly for examples see the Kardashians or Britney Spears, Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra the list goes on and on. Maybe when your whole life is lived in front of the camera even the most intimate things such as weddings become publicity stunts. I am just curious when they are going to go into celebrity funerals and suicides so they can go out on top instead of being forgotten like Courtney Love or Drew Barrymore. Maybe they already have. Another factor is the majority of celebrities live life much faster and have a short-life span as A-list celebrities before they disappear and are forgotten. In this time, they have to get married and have children. Maybe for these celebrities a wedding that lasts 48 hours is the equivalent to a marriage that lasts 6 months. Sure that’s a short period, some could call it a mistake but they continue to grow and learn what they want in a partner.

How long is eternity in a relationship like this, while the best estimate is seven years that’s how long Amy Poehler and Will Arnett lasted and they were perfect for each other. Nevertheless, these break-ups continue to have a larger

Maybe in this fast changing age marriages for fifty odd years is a thing of the past. Marriage and staying together is no longer an evolutionary survival necessity. If marriage is such a light undertaking why is it still denied to so many. Oh well, gay marriage is an issue that will have to wait for another post. Maybe people change more than they used to because they are constantly bombarded with more options than in the past. I thought marrying young had gone by the wayside as my brother got married when he was almost 30 and my sister got married in her 30’s. But I have been suprised time and time again by young people who get married. This is smart because it makes it easier to get remarried after the first divorce, who really wants to look for marriage number two when you are both 45 or older?

Back in the 50s it was easier to be married for life because life was slower and people died younger. Not the case anymore, so how long does true love last these days? Does a person really have multiple soulmates because the idea that there is only one person for each person when there are millions and billions of people alive is quite daunting. Maybe only one soulmate you’ll ever meet and hundreds you never will.

There are all kinds of stupid movies out there from the really stupid to the moderately stupid. Some of these stupid movies have a sacred place in our hearts. Here are my top 10 ten sacred dumb movies.

1. Clueless. Cher Horowitz is brilliant in her shallow clueless way.


2. Legally Blonde. Is there a pattern here? A beautiful blonde who plays someone who seems completely clueless and then has a way of weaving into our hearts. I really enjoyed this movie, lots of people would say its just dumb and I say no its a dumb feel good movie. Although Legally Blonde 2 Red, White and Blue should never have been made.

3. Captain Orgaszmo. A hilarious take on the porn industry, when an innocent mormon is in the wrong place at the wrong time and is given the lead role in a porno where he plays a superhero Captain Orgaszmo who eventually becomes a real life hero.


4. Spice World. The Spice girls had a huge comeback show at the closing ceremony and their movie was ridiculously dumb but feel good.

5. Surf Ninjas. Three teenagers, who are surfers find out that they are really princes and somehow automatically become good fighters taking on trained ninjas to save the day. Because ninjsitu and surfing have sooo much in common.  

6. The New Kids on the Block movie. Needs no more description if you are in mood for a really bad movie watch it.

7. Kazaam. Shaq plays a genie. Shaq may be the most entertaining basketball player of all time, but he is definitely no actor.

8.  Hot Fuzz. I was unsure about listing this one because its the only one on the list which seems like it was intentionally dumb. It’s about a big city cop moving to a small city. 

I know most people are expecting Dumb and Dumber to make the list but really I did not enjoy it enough. Also Borat, and Bruneau are not dumb enough to make the list. Soul Plane is plenty dumb but it was terrible and I refuse to list it.

9. Baseketball. This movie about making a mix between basketball and baseball had some really funny moments.

10. While I am going to leave the 10th spot open to suggestions from readers.