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Prostate cancer is a terrible thing. But what is a prostate? A friend in her blog suggested that for Prostate awereness month men should wear really tight pants so that women can ogle their butt. First off after much research, ie checking wikipedia, I have found that a prostate is actually not a part of the  Prostatelead.jpg bum. Therefore, this would be illogical compared to breast cancer. Therefore, this is really a terrible terrible idea. It sends the wrong message that the prostate is part of the bum which it is not and would confuse alot of people. Therefore, unlike breast cancer it would be drawing attention to the wrong part of the body and would be about making a body part about sex when it is not related to anything. Second of all bums are not sexy, because when I think of bums it makes me realize that is where pooh comes from (and not Winnie-the-pooh or his 100 acre forest friends).  

   Now onto Movember. No one looks good with facial hair. I certainly don’t, which means no one does. The worst is the helmet strap hair growth or the neck beard. I mean if you are going to grow a beard grow it from your face so you look like a wicked wizard like Gandalf the Grey or a wizard from Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore.  

  Now before anyone gets their panties in a knot about this, I am not saying no one looks good with facial hair. I am simply saying that you will look and feel better if you shave. 

  Therefore, Movember is a time of sacrifice for the good of the cause because there is nothing good looking about a moustache and there is nothing good looking about the prostate. If you disagree, see image above, before responding. (Not of wizard but of diagram.) Granted not everyone who grows a moustache is giving to charity but no body gives to every charity and they are helping raise awareness of the ugliness of prostate cancer. Just like not everyone who wears pink is doing it for breast cancer, as I look great in pink. However, enough people are that it makes it worthwhile.

Lots of people might have a problem with the breast cancer campaigns using sexy girls with big breasts and how when you have cancer you often lose your breasts. However, no one likes a Debbie Downer and for the most part people would rather if ugliness is hidden away. For example, no one wants to think about my Aspergers but wants to believe in a world where everyone is happy.  While this hiding problems in the closet is terrible when you are asking for donations, its best to present a pretty face. People just respond better to a pretty face. It is biological, there have been studies done on babies to prove this. Its because we associate attractiveness with goodness like in our Walt Disney fairytales. This is just a fact of life. We are more likely to give to the Brad Pitt of homeless than the Moe’s.

  Prostate cancer, like breast cancer has had a toll on a person I knows life. As a result of prostate cancer they will never be able to spend anymore time with their wife or family.

  Therefore, please do whatever is in your power to help those in need. Whether it is growing a ridiculous moustache, donating what money you can give or doing research to find a cure if you are a scientist/doctor. Like Breast cancer make sure to do lots of self-checking and if something does not feel right make sure to consult your physician right away.

Also make sure to keep reading this blog and check back regularly as it is continually being updated and improved.