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Debate: Romney Vs. Obama. Who Won?

As America gets closer to the time they go to the polls I focus on what’s imporant and what I hope comes out of it. America has alot of sway in the world, therefore, whoever wins I hope they take steps towards moving America towards being more environmental and being a voice in the world for the environment. While, countries like China are constantly becoming more and more powerful, America still has alot of power in the world and if they encourage the world to become greener and they walk the walk instead of being cuckolded to business they can make a large difference.

 Another thing I want to come out of this election is more of a move towards equality. I read a great article in the Free Press today about how despite there being a black president just as many African Americans are struggling as ever. In addition, when Sarah Fenton raised the issue that women are not treated equally in America there was a huge backlash against her even though women are still earning 76 cents to the man’s dollar. I am not selflessly hoping that America and the world following their example become more equitable but have a horse in this race. If the world tries to narrow the disparity between those with power and those without. People with Autism and Aspergers can hope that they too will be given a more fair deal and be treated better. Disempowered people always pick on those weaker than themselves but if everyone becomes empowered than the world becomes a kinder and gentler place.

  I think that is more likely to happen under Obama than it is Romney but am more than willing to be proven wrong, that Romney actually cares. That the Republicans aren’t simply a Waspish group who only care about the rich white males.